Case Studies

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I sold my company Reserveage six months ago. Mitchell’s work before the sale helped me make incredible and effective decisions that led to many of the successful elements of how I managed the successful sale of my business. He was able to bring forth both his CEO coaching and applied neuroscience skills and strategies, and uniquely combine them with his strong growth business and investment banking background to help me achieve the results I wanted. Mitchell is highly recommended by me.

Naomi WhittelCEO & Founder ReserveageE&Y Florida Entrepreneur of the Year 2013

I’ve gotten a lot out of the coaching and strategy sessions I had with Mitchell, which were part of my membership in the Conscious Leaders Mastermind group he created with NLP genius and author Robert Dilts.

Meetings with Mitchell were helpful in continuing to evolve and clarify my vision for myself and my roles in the various companies I work with, and he is consistently able to see and share a “bigger picture” for me and my gifts that is both encouraging and supportive. Mitchell was also a very effective sounding board for strategies, ideas, and transitions I was making while CEO and Chairman of LocoMobi, a venture backed company that is transforming the parking industry and experience. Mitchell is a great listener, asks impactful questions, and is comfortable challenging my thinking on occasion in positive ways. His ninja toolkit of NLP strategies and processes have also been very helpful.

He knows and understands high growth, venture backed businesses. I have recommended him to friends and colleagues (with great results), and am excited to continue to do so.

Barney PellChairman of the Scientific Advisory Board at CrowdFlower Inc.

Mitchell provided me with an incredible sequence of executive coaching over the past 9 months. He has worked with me on a variety of personal and professional issues and habits that were really blocking my effectiveness at work. The change has been dramatic, rapid, and noticed by my manager and my peers; it has led directly to increased responsibility and trust from my colleagues. I cannot recommend Mitchell’s services more highly.

Mark TorranceCTO at Rocket Fuel, Inc.

Mitchell was enormously helpful to me during a period of significant transition for both me and my company. Through his coaching I learned a lot about myself, including how to maximize my strengths and mitigate my weaknesses. His approach brought focus and discipline to my life (both personally and professionally) and allowed me to plow through the distractions to get to what was important. Highly recommended.

Wyatt NordstromCEO, Maven Research, Inc.

Mitchell is an extremely talented, tuned-in, and terrific coach and advisor. His ability to relate quickly, bring brilliant business knowledge and insights, and expertly handle challenges and limitations make him one of the best at what he does. Beyond his extensive business savvy from having raised over $5 billion for over 150 growing companies, his work with leaders at getting extra leverage, overcoming obstacles, and accelerating progress is unique and powerful. I regularly and highly recommend Mitchell to every leader who wants to get more accomplished while enjoying the journey far more.

Steve LishanskyCEO & Founder Optimize International(Sales and Leadership Training Company)

I have been working with Mitchell Stevko since 2013 as my partner in creating and implementing the Successful Genius Mastermind and Conscious Leadership Mastermind groups. Mitchell’s contribution to these two groundbreaking ventures is inestimable. Mitchell has excelled as an organizer, coach and facilitator. His mastery of the ethical use of NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) has been as invaluable as his background in both investment banking and personal development. These ambitious projects, which have been seminal to my three-volume work on Success Factor Modeling, would not have existed without Mitchell’s passion, vision and strong sense of mission. I am proud to be Mitchell’s partner in such worthy and unprecedented endeavors and look forward to see what contributions Mitchell will be making to the success of future clients and partners.

Robert DiltsFounder at Robert Dilts Consulting

Mitch has a lot of experience in the software industry and high growth businesses. Mitch was persistent in helping me with my focus on our US opportunities, and also focusing on getting my software built. I feel like working with Mitch also improved my decision making. Working with him helped take me to a next level of performance for my business.

Working with Mitch goes way beyond your business. I also consider him a good friend who is there for me and is he is always available for a quick text or check in.  We closed a big deal that involved bringing on a team and couldn’t finance the deal, and Mitch through his network helped us find financing literally overnight. For any founder/CEO considering get to a next level of performance-I highly recommend Mitch!

Mico YukCo-Founder of BI Brains

I have been involved in a mastermind group for the last three years organized, run and lead by Mitchell Stevko.

Mitchell is organized and on top of all aspects, making sure the entire group and each person is in tune and moving forward. As a trainer for Tony Robbins, I have some background in some of the material presented. I have a great deal of respect and admiration for what Mitchell has put together and how he partnered with Robert Dilts.

Life has been moving in a good direction for me for some time, then I met Mitchell. He has the ability to see parts of me and my business that I was letting slip and he helped me step up even more. As Tony says “Life will never be the same again” and Mitchell was there to help me make that next step.

I was recommended into the mastermind group by a great friend who is also a master trainer for Tony. I will thank her for that forever. One could not find a better coach than Mitchell who has a wealth of experience to help anyone with another step up.

Gary AilesOwner at Sierra Veterinary Hospital

Mitchell is a thoughtful and masterful business coach. He draws his wisdom from years of experience in business and finance. In our coaching sessions, Mitchell was able to quickly analyze and focus on the most important aspects of a situation. His is strategic and provides real, practical advice. On a personal note, Mitchell is terrific guy with a great sense of humor and a big heart.

Yanush CherkisUltimate Destiny Enterprises

Mitchell Stevko is a powerful coach who helped me think into new possibilities for my business and really challenged me to step into my genius. As a result, I created a new business model that tripled my income and has me only doing the things I most love to do in my work. Mitchell is a genius, is fun, insightful and an absolutely outstanding executive coach. I would recommend him to anyone ready to step into their biggest game!

Susan MayginnesCEO, CORE Leadership Circle

Mitchell’s exceptional coaching helped me (along with my amazing business partner Amy) to double my business in two years and dramatically reduce my work related stress! I love his passion and commitment to me and my success and well being. He has the combination of insight, intellect, and heart that make it a joy to work with him.

Judi SpearCEO & Founder RV Rhodes(Leading Personality Assessment and Training Company)

Mitch is the epitome of a visionary and truly a strategic thinker and has been a valued and trusted advisor and mentor. You can always rely on his incredible ability to think “out of the box” and Mitch’s top level of expertise in determining channels to grow and build capital when needed and is also a true expert at exit planning and can facilitate a variety of strategies in these critical areas. Mitch is an expert in both the finished product and raw material ingredient categories and has high level contacts through-out the industry. On top of being an overall great guy, with an incredible work ethic, he is an amazing coach and can help you to take your business to the next level. He receives my highest recommendation.

Gregory T. ArabatzisDirector, Global Sales Polyphenolics at Constellation Brands

Mitchell is the coach a CEO needs. He helped me in many ways, to grow personally and professionally. With his help and advice, I was able to face many challenges in my company and to grow, even at difficult moments. He has the complete combination of personal growth skills and business advice.

Miguel Cavalcanti Founder and CEO at AgroTalento

Mitchell is an exceptional person who has a wealth of experience and knowledge on personal and professional development. We worked together during a challenging time in my life and he was a great asset and kept my compass pointing north and focusing on the important things. Plus, his network of changemakers is very impressive. He is a professional all the way. I highly recommend working with Mitchell.

Ted NingFounder of the LOHAS Group