Raise Expansion/Growth Capital

Raising growth capital to fund your already successful business can accelerate growth, provide for step function levels of investment in team and infrastructure, support growth in distribution channels, or launch a new product line.


There are five key success factors to raise expansion capital:

  • Understand and Optimize Current Value Factors for Your Company
  • Tell Your Story Clearly and Share an Exciting Vision
  • Have Credible Projections and Current Historical Financials
  • Understand Who Likely Investors are and Create Substantial Competition to Invest
  • Have a Clear Exit Strategy


Most companies fail to do at least three of these success factors well, and either don’t raise the money they need, raise it at a lower valuation than they should have received, or end up with less than desirable investment partners.

We have over 20 years success in helping clients like you growth and expansion capital, whether you need $5 million or $50 million.

We can provide done for you strategy similar to a traditional investment bank structure where we run the entire process partnering with you on all steps.

We can also create a done with you strategy (more a management consultant approach) for optimizing positioning, identifying investors, and running the financing process.  We will create a strategy that is custom to your business and unique needs.


Email us at Mitchell@GrowthCEOAdvisors.com to schedule a complementary Strategy Consultation on your business needs.