Growth CEO Advisors Team


Mitchell Stevko

Little did he know at 14 years old, how impacted he would be when his grandfather Don told him “when you create or run a business, you control your destiny”.  Fast forward 20 years to 1995 and Mitchell thought this new thing the internet was the most disruptive technology of his lifetime. He started the world’s first dedicated internet investment banking practice in1996 for Piper Jaffray, where he advised and coached over 150 CEOs to raise $5 billion in growth capital and acquisition value. Mitchell has combined this high growth success expertise with a decade of training and coaching CEOs in applied neuroscience for accelerated growth and development. Mitchell believes conscious leadership will be more disruptive and impactful than the internet. Mitchell co-developed Seven Strategies for Conscious Success with Robert Dilts (a pioneer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and shares these strategies and tools with CEOs, mastermind groups, and leadership teams.

Mitchell is the creator of a unique business model for helping high growth CEOs and teams be more impactful and successful, and combines proven success strategies and proven strategies of conscious leadership. He has recently helped CEOs get clarity and focus on priorities and strategy, accessing inner resources and resilience, resolving key team member issues, successful growth financings, and successful sales of their business . Please call Mitchell when any CEO you know wants help with CEO Coaching, growth financing, mergers and acquisitions, or group leadership programs (think Vistage or YPO squared for heart based high growth leaders)

His seven strategies for conscious success focus on optimal mindset, Integrative decision making, impactful hiring, resilience and overcoming obstacles, and aligned team strategies. Growth companies of all types and sizes from $5M to $100M plus can create an inflection and acceleration point for their business that will take them to the next level.

Mitchell understands rapid growth businesses, because in addition to helping 150 CEOs raise $5 billion, he grew his Internet investment banking group as a managing director and partner at Piper Jaffray from zero to $70 million in annual revenues in 3 years. He has previously also been CFO of a high profile Draper Fisher backed company, and founded Enterprise Capital Group, a merchant banking and consulting firm, which provided CEO advisory services for numerous early stage technology companies. He also started and ran a boutique real estate development firm with approximately $3M in annual revenues. Mitchell was also the co-founder of 10X Medical Investors, a Silicon Valley based angel group, which funded over 100 healthcare companies. Mitchell is and expert in CEO Coaching, private placements, mergers and acquisitions, and public offerings. Mitchell is an expert in strategy, high performance, accelerated business and personal growth, strategic partnerships, transformation strategies, recruiting, and fundraising strategies.

Mitchell is a growth company expert and loves the entrepreneurial spirit he has seen flourish in the Silicon Valley over the past 3 decades. Mitchell has worked with high growth companies in the internet, consumer health, healthcare, technology and services.

He is also the co-founder of Companion Health Products LLC, which creates and markets health and healing information products including, a leading insomnia relief program. He’s also co-created programs for stress reduction, and surgery preparation and healing. Mitchell is a certified trainer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, which models human excellence, and creates replicable processes and patterns for success and well-being. Mitchell is also a certified NLP Executive Coach.

Mitchell has also served on numerous company boards, and is the Founding Board Chair of the Blue Bear School of Music, the original “School of Rock”. Mitchell was formerly a CPA with KPMG, and was CFO or COO at several privately held and VC backed companies in Silicon Valley companies.

Mitchell is a graduate of the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley.