Leverage Proven Success and Genius Strategies

Imagine using the mindset and strategies of Disney, Jobs, Einstein, Branson, Musk, Da Vinci, and Tesla. Four decades of expert modeling available at your fingertips. What’s possible for you to create, achieve and become?

You can think like a Genius, and create extraordinary mental states of flow, creativity, intuition, and inspiration. Robert Dilts is the leading expert on Genius thinking, and has written three volumes of The Strategies of Genius.

Robert uses modeling both in these books and creating many of his NLP processes for transformation. Modelling is a technique documenting the verbal, cognitive and behavioral patterns (the “neuro-linguistic programs”) of exceptional people.

Robert’s modeling combines both an analytical approach with pure NLP modelling for figuring out what strategies exceptional people use, and create step by step useful processes to recreate the states and results of the exceptional people.

The Conscious Mastermind Group will teach you the eight common strategies used by the greatest geniuses throughout history, and when you should use them, and how you can integrate them into your life to bring out your genius.

Robert has also created specific genius strategies like the Disney Imagineering Strategy, which was the basis for all of Disney’s creative endeavors and elements of the Imagineering Strategy are used at Pixar, Lucas films, and many top studios and design centers.

Success can also be modeled. Robert has worked with leaders at the world’s most successful large companies, including: Microsoft, Lucasfilms, HP, and IBM. He’s also worked with the leaders of many high growth entrepreneurial companies.

After over 30 years of research, consulting, coaching and training, Robert has developed Success Factor Modeling (SFM), and tailored it for the Genius program. You can discover how to identify and transfer the critical success factors, both business practices and behavioral skills, necessary to promote the growth of new ventures, larger companies and individual leaders.

Lots of people talk about Vision and Mission, SFM helps you to quickly gain clarity on your Vision, Mission, most important Values, your Ambition and Role and make sure all of these are aligned at your personal neurological levels.

Once you have created or fine-tuned these models, you can implement what are known as The Circle of Success strategies and create models for your four main constituencies (customers, team members, stakeholders, and partnerships).

The Conscious Mastermind also includes training on proven influence and persuasion strategies which have been consistently effective in sales, negotiating, and effective leadership.

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