Step Into Your Full Potential

What would it be like to access 100% of your strengths and your full potential, exactly when you need them the most? What’s possible when you can identify and transform blocks you’ve had for a lifetime in just minutes?

Having participated in several high end masterminds, the main question for me was: Where was I at the start, where did I want to go, and how much progress did I make getting there?

One of the many reasons we partnered with Robert Dilts is that he has been a leading expert at transformation and accelerated growth for 40 years, and literally wrote The Encyclopedia of NLP.

Neuro-linguistic Programming has been used by top corporations, therapists, and individuals for over 40 years successfully. It was started by modeling three therapists who had gotten extraordinary results in growth and personal change: Dr. Milton Erickson (MD, father of modern hypnosis and NLP), Virginia Satyr (family therapy expert) and Fritz Pearls (Gestalt Therapy).

Another definition of NLP is that NLP is a technology for success. NLP utilizes your conscious and unconscious mind to increase self-esteem, clarity and vision, while also identifying and transforming limiting beliefs values and meanings into empowering beliefs values and meanings.

Many modern sales training programs in Fortune 1000 companies heavily integrate NLP methods, especially to establish rapport with new clients. Anthony Robbins self-help programs are all based on early NLP,

A broadly used therapy method, EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) is based on NLP.

NLP has been integrated into much of the executive and personal coaching movement. Many of the popular programs on influence and persuasion integrate NLP. NLP today is taught at 100’s of schools around the world to therapists, physicians, coaches, leadership trainers, sales teams and lay people who want to learn the programs.

It can take years to study and 1000’s of hours to master NLP, and most of our colleagues don’t have that time to invest. So we created group transformation processes, and simple to follow individual processes.

You don’t have to “master” NLP so you can coach others, simply learn and follow the processes to help yourself.

Processes we share in the mastermind group include:

  • Optimize your inner game and state management with COACH state, so you can be highly effective in any situation
  • Identify and transform limiting beliefs and blocks so you can move forward more quickly
  • Create belief alignment of all six neurological levels
  • Create alignment of head, heart and gut
  • Access creativity catalysts and genius states
  • Anchor (a way to access a feeling or emotional state) resourceful states for any situation

If you are going to accelerate your growth, you want to do it the best. Robert is the only person we have found to have mastery in modeling success, genius and transformation.

This is a very unique opportunity, available to a very limited number of people who are willing to experience what living at 100% is like….

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